Week of September 13, 2021

Animoca Brands Acquires Majority Stake in Bondly

Bondly’s technology, launchpad, and NFT bridge to be integrated into Animoca Brands’ game products

  • Second Collectible Card NFTs Includes Four New Personas Spanning Five Rarity Tiers, Accompanied by a Unique Audio Narration by Capaldi
  • In Partnership with Premier NFT Solution Specialists Bondly & Music Therapy Charity Nordoff Robbins
  • Each NFT Mystery Box Brings Fan Experience to Another Level with inclusion of One Special Edition Big Fat Sexy Collectible Card NFT
  • Bondly’s Native Technology Powers This Special Lewis Capaldi NFT Collection

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23rd July 2021

  • We finished a snapshot produced by our internal team
  • An independent third-party firm is conducting on-chain analysis for the snapshot on three chains
  • Multisig contract has been completed. Three execs in the team will approve transactions to mitigate security risks
  • Token redeployment plan is now 80% completed and our marketing and product team are currently putting it together
  • This also includes compensation plan for LPs, exchanges and holders for the snapshot
  • The plan will be supported…

Letter From Harry Liu

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