Bondly Partners With Globe Photos To Bring Rare Art to the NFT Space

In creation and expansion of our new vertical, Bondly Art, Bondly is proud to announce a partnership with Globe Photos.

Globe Entertainment & Media, Corp. is the owner of several historic archives of iconic images from the 1930’s era to the present day. The archives include photos of all major movie stars and musicians, in addition to historic and art images. Many of the photos owned by Globe have never been seen or released to the public. Bondly’s role in the partnership will be to mint and release some of the company’s rarest and most iconic images as NFTs. These will include images of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor taken by Frank Worth, whose archive was called “The most significant find of its kind in the past 50 years”; by English Auction House Christie’s

When: 4 PM EST on April 1st, 2021

Tier 1 — Frank Worth Collection

In tier one, we present a set of some of Frank Worth’s most famous images.

Frank was charming, witty and immediately struck up a rapport with those he was photographing. As a result, his employer, International News Service (INS) sent him to Hollywood as a staff photographer after he graduated in 1940.

Frank Sinatra came to Hollywood a couple of years after Worth and they too became close friends. Through Sinatra, Frank met and became friends with ‘Rat Pack’ regulars Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Presented here is Frank Worth’s photograph captured in front of Sands in Las Vegas. This iconic photo of Frank Sinatra will be the first listed NFT in this Globe partnership.

Frank Worth captured and retained extensive collections of Marilyn Monroe photographs, most of which have never yet been published. Frank also had a long personal relationship with Marilyn Monroe, including a rumored secret love affair. He took many photos of the young actress years before she made the first film that brought her stardom, The Asphalt Jungle.

Frank Worth never released his best photos. Some of his shots were to him as private as his personal life. He only admitted to his affair with Monroe just months before his death.

One of Frank’s historic images of Marylin Monroe from their time together will be available for purchase during this NFT sale:

The third and final piece of the first tier of rare NFTs for sale will be this photo of Elizabeth Taylor:

Frank Worth was chosen as one of the photographers working on the set of ‘Giant’ with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. He took some of Elizabeth Taylor’s most iconic images during that time, photos that have graced the cover pages of many publications from the Hollywood reporter to the Sunday Times.

To Summarize:

The remarkable rare and highly valuable collection of negatives were only found by his estate in Worth’s home after his passing in 1999.

The negatives reveal a diverse, previously unseen catalog of Frank Worth’s Hollywood friends, acquaintances and sports stars, representing an array of the famous stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

It is hard to overstate the importance of this discovery; “The most extraordinary collection and find of its kind in the last 50 years,” according to a statement made by Christie’s of London in 2002, a leading art auction house in the UK and the USA.

Sale Details:

Each piece will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Quantity: 3 NFTs Total (3 pieces x 1NFTs per piece)

Utility: 1 Physical Print will be sent w/ NFT Purchase to the Top Bidder.

When: 4 PM EST on April 1st, 2021

Auction Duration: 24 Hours


Tier 2 — Unique Contemporary and Pop Art

Read on to learn more about each piece and its creator:

The following four pieces were created by Thomas Hussung and Nicholas Miller:

These artists are best known for their Andy Warhol-inspired portraits and bright colors found in their contemporary works.

To learn more about Thomas Hussung and his work click here.

Dali Dollar


Elvis Presley’s ‘BLAM’


Next, we have a piece made by Jules Muck:

Shown here is her ‘Marilyn Flowers’ piece, using Warhol’s famous black ‘Marilyn’ painting as her base.

Check out more of her art and bio on her website here.

Marilyn Flowers

Sale Details:

Price: 0.3 ETH each

Quantity: 500 NFTs Total (5 pieces x 100NFTs per piece)

Utility: Owning digital versions of unreleased art

When: 4 PM EST on April 1st, 2021


Tier 3 — Free + Gas fees

The randomly selected works of art will be included in the Mystery Packs, all created by Thomas Hussung. Thomas Hussung is a contemporary German Pop artist best known for his Andy Warhol-inspired portraits of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and other iconic figures.

Thomas Hussung’s bio and works can be found here.

Thomas Hussung has also been featured above in Tier 2 for your consideration.

Andy Warhol-Inspired Bondly Token

Sale Details:

Price: These are free to our community, just pay for gas!

Quantity: 333 each

Utility: Owning unique Bondly art!

When: 4 PM EST on April 1st, 2021


In Conclusion:

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