Bondly’s NFT Council: Bringing 1,000,000 New NFT Owners to DeFi

What is Bondly’s NFT Council?

The NFT Council is Bondly’s Advisory Council that is strictly dedicated to the expansion of DeFi through the innovation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The goal of the NFT Council is to introduce major brands on the implementation of NFT technology in their current business models while bringing the next 1 million NFT owners to the decentralized finance space. The Council is devoted to exploring the ways these new innovative concepts can be used throughout different industries such as entertainment, collectibles, and more.

How Does the Council Work?

There are 11 seats on the NFT council that will be filled by advisors. These members will vote on where Bondly should focus their NFT resources and energy, including impact to the roadmap, potential partnerships, and more.

  1. Access to Listen and Contribute to Private NFT Council Meetings
  2. VIP Community Access
  3. Potential Airdrops of Other Limited Edition NFTs
  4. Reduced Fees on BondSwap
  5. NFT Staking

Who is a Part of the NFT Council?

The purpose of the NFT Council is to bring together the brightest minds inside and outside of blockchain to collaborate on innovative ways to implement NFT technology into mainstream culture. The NFT Council aims to bring on highly experienced members from different global industries to innovate on ways to implement this technology into already existing systems.

Doug Ferguson — Gaming and Collectibles Expert

The first member of Bondly’s NFT Council is Doug Ferguson. Doug was a Sr. Vice President, Product Development at The Pokémon Company International (TPCi) and was with the company for 16 years. He left TPCi in 2019, and received this unofficially released promo card of himself as a parting gift. Doug’s work involves helping incubate, develop, and build award-winning, commercially successful products and brands for the global marketplace.

Liam Boyd — Music Industry Expert

Liam is an expert in the music industry. He worked at Bandsintown for a number of years, helping improve the concert-going experience for millions of fans around the world. His initiatives helped thousands of artists of all sizes and genres to better connect with their core audience and attract over 50 million concert goers. Liam is now the CEO of Music for Bondly, where he focuses his efforts to help foster the progression of NFTs in the music world.

About Bondly

Bondly is an interoperable, transparent, and portable swap protocol designed to revolutionize traditional escrow methods and make everyone into their own digital marketplace. Our family of trust-enabling DeFi products is designed to be a part of everyday buying and selling activities, giving peace of mind for swap or online purchases. Our product BondProtect is a DeFi enabled eCommerce gateway specializing in integrating into your favorite online marketplaces very simply and easily with no integration fees, just staking tokens.