Bondly’s Q2 2021 Roadmap

These past few weeks at Bondly have been historic on so many fronts. We want to thank our community for their support as we have been growing tremendously as a company.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to produce Bondly’s Q2 Roadmap for you. Here’s what comes next:

Bswap — NFTSwap:

  1. BCCG card holders and Bondly Token Holders looking to conduct transactions using NFTSwap will get fees waived!
  2. Product Launch date: 3/17/21

Fiat on ramp:

  1. Launch Date: End of March


  1. Estimated Launch Date: Early April

People Update: Welcome New Members to our Team

Partnerships: Multi-Vertical Expansion in Q2

  1. Bondly Sports — Our team is targeting major sports leagues to help launch NFT products to represent players, teams, etc.
  2. Bondly Art — Bondly is excited to announce new partnerships within the Art World to launch into the art world and expand the NFT art vertical within Bondly
  3. Influencers — More influencers will be joining Bondly to bring education to the forefront of the non-crypto native audencies around the world
  4. Collectibles — NFT collectibles will continue to allow collectors in our community to grab onto pieces of assets that will hold long term value

Polkadot Parachain Updates:

  1. Bidding for a Parachain on Polkadot in August

Native NFT Staking:

  1. The initiative build out is complete. We are currently pending a third party audit.

In Conclusion:

Bondly is coming to grab you by the horns Q2!

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