Logan Paul’s Box Break Event Live on Saturday, February 27th.

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Congratulations to all that purchased a Logan Paul NFT this past weekend!

Now, for the main event!

What’s happening this weekend?

On Saturday, February 27th, at 6PM PST, Logan Paul’s Box Break Live Event will be streamed on Youtube. Fans and followers will be able to purchase digital versions of Logan Paul’s unique digital card in Matte Black, Gold and Silver editions. There will only be a limited number of NFTs minted at each tiered level, so be sure to hop in the sale when they are live! This will be a great opportunity to purchase the card and have memorabilia from one of the most historic Pokemon box break events ever recorded.

Visit https://shopnfts.com/ to purchase your NFTs.

What are the NFTs?

On Saturday, February 27th, Logan will be selling Matte Black, Gold, and Silver Tier ‘Box Break’ NFTs in addition to the lottery ticket NFTs previously sold.

Those who purchased the First Edition Booster packs will automatically receive 1 of the 44 Holographic versions of Logan Pauls digital collectible NFT card.

Matte Black Tier

Cost: 11 ETH ($17,000 USD)

Quantity for sale: 3

Each buyer of this item will receive:

  • One (1) Matte Black version of the Logan Paul Box Break NFT
  • One (1) Logan Paul PolkaPets Spirit Guide Card
  • One (1) Random PolkaPet Card

Each buyer of the Matte Black Logan Paul NFT will be airdropped a Logan Paul PolkaPets Spirit Guide NFT.

Next, we have the Gold Tier:

Cost: 1 ETH ($1,500 USD)

Quantity for sale: 111

Each buyer of this item will receive:

  • One (1) Gold version of the Logan Paul Box Break NFT
  • GUARANTEED 1 PolkaPet
  • Enter in PolkaPet Giveaway (Details Below)

Finally, we have the Silver Tier:

Cost: 0.25 ETH ($370 USD)

Quantity for sale: 777 NFTs

Each buyer of this item will receive :

  • One (1) Silver version of the Logan Paul Box Break NFT
  • 1 in 8 Chance to Win a Unique PolkaPet
  • Enter in PolkaPet Giveaway (Details Below)

PolkaPets Giveaway for Gold AND Silver Buyers:

By purchasing a Gold or Silver Logan Paul Box Break NFT, you’ll get:

  • A chance to win one (1) Random PolkaPet Pet Card (100 Winners)
  • A chance to win one (1) Logan Paul PolkaPets Spirit Guide Card (100 Winners)

When/Where will the NFTs be airdropped?

Because of the transaction fee situation with the Ethereum network and the request to utilize Coinbase Commerce, we have moved this sale to our custom marketplace with some changes compared to our prior sale. Here are the details:

  • The sale will happen at shopnfts.com and use Coinbase Commerce as the payment method. A Coinbase Account is not required but supported. checkout. Metamask wallet is also supported.
  • Any NFTs purchased will be sent to a newly created wallet associated with the email address provided during checkout using (using Arkane Wallet)
  • NFT rewards will be sent Tuesday, March 2nd or sooner
  • The NFT will be minted on Polygon (formally Matic) and will come with a free amount of $MATIC currency
  • NFT will be available for resale in Matic Opensea and Arkane Marketplace upon receipt; Bondly is working on completion of a Polygon/ETH bridge to move assets to sell on ETH
  • All gas fees for this transfer will be covered by Bondly
  • All PolkaPets card rewards that are already minted will be airdropped to wallet holders on the ETH network

In Conclusion:

We can’t wait to see the winners live streamed at the box break event!

Visit Logan Paul’s Box Break event here:

From all of us at Bondly, we want to thank everyone for all of their support and fandom during this huge event we have been building! We can’t wait to share all of the new artists and ventures we have in the pipeline with you after we wrap up this event with Logan Paul!

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