“The SeVerers” Revealed… Introducing the Villains BCCG Card Release

The next release of cards for BCCG features a brand new ‘Villain’ card type!

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We, at Bondly, have bad news…

Our Heroes BONDSwap, BONDDex, and BONDProtect are in trouble. There’s a massive threat across the BONDLYVERSE in the form of our next release: Villains.

This group of enemies, “The SeVerers” (as in severing Bonds of our Heroes; Capital V for Villains), will consist of five new characters from our existing card sets: Gothic Horror, Isekai and Thriller. Each character will be totally unique to that set. This will be considered a First Edition Card and will have similar utility to our Heroes First Edition; including a $BONDLY airdrop that can be used to gain access to Premium Tournaments within the game. Each card will also include VIP status for our private community.

Learn more about our NFT’s utilities here.

‘Villains’ Card Sale Details

Based on feedback from our community, we will offer these cards at a standard price of 0.4 ETH. All cards will have the same price. Here are the stats:

  • 5 unique cards
  • 0.4 ETH per card, 2 ETH per bundle for all 5, 20 bundles will be sold
  • 100 cards for each type meaning a total of 500 cards (including duplicates of each type)
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Core Utility

The utility for each card will be very similar to the First Edition Heroes set. Details as follows:

  1. No fees on BSwap — By holding one of our NFT cards in your wallet, you will never pay BSwap transactions fees for any swap you do. Meaning if you decide to swap any asset — whether cryptos, tokens, or our cards using BSwap — it will be free for you to use.
  2. BCCG Elite — A group that features discussions around game strategy, incorporation of other games into the ecosystem, NFTs, and the greatest memes in existence.
  3. Entry into Fan Art Contest — By holding this token you are able to submit fan art for our core characters launches. The winner of these contests will receive special rewards and may even be featured on a subsequent card!
  4. Special Staking — By staking our NFT, you will be eligible to receive a random drop of the super rare Gold Holo Edition. This card will never be directly sold by us, making it extra rare. It will be yours sell or add to your collection of NFTs.
  5. AMAZING Art — All of the cards feature commissioned art from incredible artists that have worked on concept art for major animation studios, huge comics/manga projects, and more!
  6. Combo Cards — Special edition cards that can only be won by staking a Hero and a Villain card together (see details below).

And of course, free admission to premium tournaments…

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Free Airdrop for Tournament Use

Since The SeVerers don’t play by the rules, the total amounts of $BONDLY provided for use within the game will be different than our Hero cards…

  • On the Token Generation Event (TGE) of the $BONDLY token, the wallet holding the card will receive 4k $BONDLY (enough for 4 premium tournaments).
  • After 30 days, a snapshot will be taken and whoever is holding the card will receive another 3k $BONDLY tokens.
  • After an additional 30 days there will be a lottery for only Villains holders and 5 lucky wallets will receive another 25k $BONDLY! This means that there will be a selected winner for each card type. It’s clear the Villains are here to take over BCCG by any means necessary.

Similar to Heroes we would ask you not to buy and hold multiple copies of the same card. The airdrop of $BONDLY tokens only applies to every unique card you hold. In other words, if you were to buy 2 ‘Thriller Arca’ cards and hold them in the same wallet at time of snapshot, you’d only get one airdrop representing the first one.

We will also be working directly with OpenSea on this sale to prevent hoarding and reserve the right to blacklist as needed.

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Example art from a Thriller BONDDex X Arca Combo Card

Combo Cards

The other MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT we are making is COMBO CARDS!

By participating in our staking program with both a hero and a villain card, you have the chance to win a FULLY FEATURED SPECIAL EDITION CARD that features both our Hero and Villain.

Some of these will have a small portion sold by us. Some will be announced and not sold, but airdropped to winners. Some will be SECRET RARES that only people who stake certain combos will find out exist!

These will all be limited supply and may only have a first edition printing!

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Villains Card Sale Date

These cards will go on sale in our Rarible and OpenSea stores.

You will be able to purchase our First Edition Villain’s cards on Tuesday, November 17th at UTC-4 (10 AM EST).

Important $BONDLY Token Economics change

After careful discussion with various parties and existing investors, we have decided to cancel the round originally titled as our ‘Initial Dex Offering’ in our Bondpaper.

As opposed to selling tokens via an IDO tool such as Mesa, we will launch without this round while still enabling high DEX liquidity through our partners.

This means that the Free Airdrops provided by the Villain's release will not increase total supply. In fact, there’s actually a net reduction of supply released at launch.

In summary….

  • Initial DEX Offering round using a separate DEX tool will no longer be offered.
  • Allocation of 5m $BONDLY will still be provided for liquidity at launch across multiple decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.
  • Overall supply at launch will be reduced

The tentative target for the $BONDLY token launch is still November, but we are currently waiting for the smart contract audit to complete in order to provide the final date.

Please be patient with us as we complete this final very important step.

How Do I Confirm I Am Buying Legitimate BCCG Cards?


To validate the authenticity in Opensea:
1) click CHAIN INFO lower left
2) confirm the contact address matches below



To validate the authenticity in Rarible:
1) click history
2) click the creator
3) confirm that it is the BONDLY address

Please check verification mark & address.

Creator contract:


Storefront on Opensea:

Halloween address :

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